October 2021, Seattle Center (Seattle, WA)
February 2022, Arts at the Armory (Somerville, MA)

Ours focuses on finding satisfaction through movement, diving into personal expression, and reveling in the experience of dancing together. Ours can be sharp and precise, tapping into peace found through rigor. Ours can be soft and gummy, making space for slow and calculated desires. Ours is where we can bask in each other's kinesthetic company.

This work premiered at Seattle Center, and will tour to the greater Boston area in February of 2022.

Half Body at Once
August 2021, Starlight Square (Cambridge, MA)
Ten Tiny Dances presented by The Dance Complex

Half Body at Once swims in impermanence.
Interim versions of the self wander around a familiar space.
She buys clothes for a shape that’s still forming.
One half of a boat is sailing at full speed.

This work was created originally as a three-part film in October 2020 and then adapted into a live work.

October 2019, Columbia City Theater (Seattle, WA)
November 2019, Base (Seattle, WA)

Tangent investigates memories that are small and fleeting, but that have greatly affected the person that holds them. The work serves as a vehicle to pull those memories to consciousness and process them in the present.